telangana vudyamam lo telanganarashtrasamithi

Year 2001:143.jpg
• April 27- TRS announced at Jaladrushyam, Hyderabad (KCR resigned his deputy Speaker, MLA and Telugu Desam Party membership)
• May 17- “Simha Garjana” Public Meeting at Karimnagar which was a Grand Success
• June 1- Public meeting at ‘Mahboobnagar’
• June 2- Public meeting at ‘Nalagonda’
• June 4- Public meeting at ‘Nizamabad’
• June 5- Public meeting at ‘Adilabad’
• June 21- Public meeting at ‘Warngal’
• In July- Contested in “Jilla Parishad and Mandal Parishad” Elections
Won 100 MPTC’s, 85 ZPTC’s and also 2 ZP’s
• In August- Contested in Grama Panchayat Elections Won 3000 sarpanchs and 12000 wards
• September 22- KCR won Siddipet Assembly constituency in By-Election with great majority
• November 17- “Khammam Praja Garjana” Public meeting in Khammam

Year 2002:

• March 27- Public meeting at Vikarabad
• April 27- First Annual Celebrations at “Nalagonda” public meeting
• May 22- KCR started ‘Bikshatana’ for Chenetha workers at Bhudan Pochampally
• September 23 to October 7- TRS conducted “Palle Bata” programme
• November 25 to January 5(2003)- “Jalasadana Programme” and “Samuhika Nirahara Deekshalu”

Year 2003:

• January 6- “Telangana Garjana” Public meeting at Jimkhana Grounds, Secunderabad
• March 27- Conducted ‘Car rally to Delhi’ programme
• April 27- Chello ‘Warangal Jaithra Yatra’ public meeting which was a great success with Ten Lakh people attending it and also were present Sri Deva Gouda and Ajit Singh
• May 20 to May 25- KCR ‘Pada Yatra’ programme from Alampur to Gadwal in Mahboobnagar District
• June 11- ‘Dharna’ at Jagjeean Ram Statue for 610 G.O
• August 25 to 30- KCR ‘Pada Yatra’ programme from Kodad to Alia in Nalgonda District
• September 17- Public meeting “Nagar Kurnool Nagara” in Mahboobnagar District and KCR attended ‘Telangana Vimochana Dinothsavam’ at Osmania University, Hyderabad
• November 19- Public meeting “Singuru Simha Garjana”
• November 21- Public meeting “Palamuru Simha Garjana”
• December 3- “Induru Simha Garjana” public meeting at Nizamabad
• December 5- “Warangal Veera Garjana” public meeting at Waragal
• December 16- Public meeting at “Siricilla”, Karimnagar District

Year 2004:

• April- Contested in Assembly and Parliament Elections with alliance with Congress and won the election (TRS won 26 Assembly and 5 Parliament seats)
• May- KCR and Narendra got ministries in UPA government (KCR worked as a shipping Minister for a day and as a minister without port polio for a long time. Finally worked as a labor Minister for Rural Development)
• May 26- Telangana issue in UPA government’s “Minimum Common Programme”
• June 7- Telangana issue in President’s speech
• June 23- TRS joined in State Government and got 6 ministries
• December 11- Huge Public meeting in Parade Grounds with UPA Leaders
Year 2005:

• January- Pranab Mukherji’s Three Men Committee on Telangana issue
• July 3- TRS withdrawals from State Government
• July 17- “Warangal Public Meeting” (Sharad Powar was invited)
• August and September- TRS failed in Municipal Elections which led to deviation in the party
• November 29- TRS Asammati MLAs commented on KCR
• December 28- Under the dissident activity 9 TRS MLAs (Turpu Jayaprakash Reddy, Sararani, Dugyala Srinvas Rao, Santosh Reddy, Babu Rao, M.Satyanarayan Reddy, Mukund Reddy, Kasipet Lingiah) were by coded from the party

Year 2006:

• February 12- “Polavaram Garjana” Public meeting at Bhadrachalam, Khammam District
• May- KCR warned TRS support withdrawal from UPA Government
• June, July- TRS fails to gain seats in local elections
• August 14- “TELANGANA BHAVAN” opening ceremony. KCR
decided 21st August as the dead line for withdrawal support from UPA Government
• August 20- TRS announced that KCR decided on 22nd August to resign his ministry and decided to take Amarana Deeksha at Jentarmanta
• September- KCR resigned for his ministry
• December- KCR was re-elected with a majority of 2 lakhs which was more than the previous majority


Year 2007:

• January and February- “Palle Bata” (Membership drive) in all the 9 Districts of Telangana
• March 23rd to 27th “Telangana Sambaralu”.



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